Supply chain analysis

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Amazon’s supply chain may be the most innovative of its kind. It is experiential, meaning it puts the customer first and works backwards. It is a vast and complex system that works in such an efficient way it is able to provide speedy deliveries while also cutting down on excessive costs. By following a flywheel model, their low prices pull in customers and merchants, which boosts volumes, which leads to lower prices, and all this generates growth for as long as the company puts the interests of the customers first.

Reaching a satisfactory level of workplace communication is critical because no matter how skilled of a professional you are, you must learn to get along with others.

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Have you ever had a boss or client;

  • Ask what took you so long to make that little icon or logo?
  • That micromanaged your designs to the point where they were deciding what colour certain interface elements should be or where they should be positioned?
  • That told you they could be considered the users of the product, and there was no need to test with or research the users?

Have you ever had condescending colleagues tell you certain design decisions were so obvious and didn’t need to be tested before being implemented? …

As Master Yoda would probably say “Live forever you will not.” How I came to terms with death as an “eternal slumber.”

A close up of the Star Wars character Yoda.
A close up of the Star Wars character Yoda.
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Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is not to analyze people’s belief systems, any sort of religion, spirituality, or anthropology. I am not saying this is the truth of what happens after we die; it is only my truth. When I mention things as being “true” or “real,” it is from my perspective of reality only. I do not intend to dismiss or undermine anyone else’s beliefs. The goal is to tell the story of my experience and what works for me in overcoming this issue. Hopefully, it can help anyone else who relates to the same situation.

Finding out I would die one day and finding comfort in the promise of eternal life.

When I…

A designer’s guide to

Designing digital products is always challenging, but designing a complex system is another level of difficulty.

Bird’s eye view of a round stone labyrinth.
Bird’s eye view of a round stone labyrinth.
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I had the opportunity to lead the redesign of a major company solution called MediaCMS, which centralises the management of all of BCE’s customer media content.

For the past 10 years, the product has had to adapt to different market demands while retaining the base product. This situation led to the creation of a very complex system, difficult to maintain and develop.

So what exactly is a complex system, you may be asking? Well, in the case of MediaCMS, it is a digital product with many interdependencies, aimed at many different types of users with numerous systems relying on one…

Short answer, they’re not, but when I became pregnant with my first child, I started to have doubts as to whether there was some truth to it.

Scrabble game with the word gender spelled out.
Scrabble game with the word gender spelled out.
Gender by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

Disclaimer: This story is about my personal experience. I do not have any intention of making generalizations. Instead, I talk about how the surroundings I grew up in, influenced my perception of life and who I am as a person.

Like many expecting parents, my life partner and I each had a preference of gender for our baby. I was surprised to discover the shocking reason behind mine.

Life as a privileged child was my benchmark for happiness

Life as a child was uncomplicated because sexuality hadn’t yet impacted me. I felt the same as everyone else in my school, as there were no real physical distinctions among students of…


Are you miserable at work? Do you feel misunderstood, like your boss is incompetent, unfair and/or doesn’t understand you? Well buckle your seatbelts, you’re in for a “you’re not alone” ride!

Person holding the side of sunglasses showing off a colored tooth in a cocky and cool sort of pose.
Person holding the side of sunglasses showing off a colored tooth in a cocky and cool sort of pose.
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There may be many reasons for not getting along with your boss that are completely beyond your control. But before you let it affect your productivity, or even worse, quit your job and remain with a bad boss impression for the rest of your days, hear me out first.

I used to think there was only one ‘correct’ way of working.

I had usually worked a certain way in my previous jobs. In the very beginning as a junior designer, I was managed by the project manager of an IT team where there were clear roadmaps to follow and sprints with clearly defined tasks. In other companies, I was managed by the…

A sequence of mobile interface wireframes representing a user flow.
A sequence of mobile interface wireframes representing a user flow.

Underestimating the number of people shopping online on their smartphones can cost a company a lot of money. This is what the company I worked for did and this is the story of how I opened their eyes to this major issue.

How this all came about

Introducing the company

The company in question is Feelunique and for those of you who are not familiar with the beauty products retail giant, it started off as a small company, born on the channel island of Jersey which then expanded its business to mainland UK and later on internationally. …

One would think that calling a cab to get oneself to the airport is a rather trivial task, however, the Luxembourgish cab companies would prove you wrong, if you have small children with you.

How I identified the problem

A last-minute change of plans to get to the airport

Recently I went on a family vacation with my two children, ages 3 and 13 months, at the time. The original plan was that my husband take us to the airport however just two hours before we were supposed to leave, an emergency came up and he could no longer take us. I knew I had to get myself, my two kids and all my luggage…

Samantha Da Silveira

Experience designer based in Luxembourg. Curious about everyday problems and how to resolve them.

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